tipsformovingWhen you are about to move to a new place, something which gives great goosebumps is packing all your belongings. Besides the worry about whether they will reach safely to the new place, it is your lack of knowledge about packing that stresses you out. Here are some tips about packing while you move.

Collect as many packing supplies as you can – For packing your belongings, you will need big and small boxes, wrapping sheets, packaging tapes, newspapers or any types of papers to fill the empty spaces and cotton and bubble wrappers to fill empty spaces around delicate items. Start collecting them long before your moving date. You can get big and clean boxes and other packing supplies from supermarkets or hospitals, etc. Tell them to keep some for you as soon as you fix your date of moving, so that they can give you many such boxes and other things required for packing. You will also need scissors and box cutters for opening the boxes when you reach your new destination. So also, you will need labels and marking pens, but you can also create labels on your own.


Start with least necessary items – Pack the items first which you need the least, e.g. decorative items, paintings, lamps, photo frames, books, toys, extra utensils and appliances in the kitchen, extra clothes and shoes, and so on. If you are going to place multiple items in a box, keep heavier items first and then place the lighter items. Each of these items should be wrapped with sheets or bubble wrappers, so that they don’t rub against each other. Fill the gaps between them with newspapers or blank papers. Don’t overload a box, otherwise it may get burst during the journey. After the box gets full, close it with a packaging tape and put a big label on it about its content, on its upper side. The label will help you to know what is inside, plus to know the upper side, where there are lighter items.


The ‘Open First’ box – As you pack the least needed things first, you will have to pack the most needed things last and that will be your ‘open first’ box when you reach the new place, as there too you will need its contents urgently, before you open other boxes. The contents of the ‘open first’ box include soaps, towels, dishes, glasses, scissors, pens and box cutters. You can also keep a pot, a pan and a spoon handy in this box, so that you can make something to eat or drink instantly when you reach the place. Of course, you can keep some ready-to-eat items too; just take care to choose imperishable ones.


Individual boxes for everyone – Pack some very necessary belongings of everyone in the family in individual boxes. Its contents will include toothbrush, personal clothes which the person can wear on reaching the place, which include casuals and undergarments, cleaning items like soap, shampoo, face wash, toothpaste, razor, towels, etc which are needed individually, and so on. These boxes will be small and you can carry them with you too in your car. Label them with the names of concerned persons. Keeping these boxes with you also helps in getting them handy, even if your luggage has not arrived yet.


Hardware box – Keep the items of hardware, like remote controls, mobile phone chargers, ear plugs, wires, screws, nails, toolbox, extension cords, grounded adapters, etc. in a separate box, so that while assembling your gadgets in the new home, you can find these things in one place. If needed, make more than one box for these items and label them about the contents.


Throw away the clutter – Moving is an appropriate opportunity for clearing the clutter. Throw away unwanted things which you have procrastinated always. This will give you rid of them and your packing will become easy.


Instead of getting anxious and doing nothing about the big job of packing, you can organize the tasks and accomplish them successfully in this way.