checklistMoving your home is not an easy task and you have to do a lot of things before saying goodbye to your old home. Here is a list of the ‘to do’ tasks:

Notebook of Tasks – First of all make a notebook of tasks. Go on adding to it, whenever you remember something. Take a big book, as the list will be long. As soon as you finish a task, mark it with a cross.


File for Documents Regarding Moving – Keep all your necessary documents regarding moving in a file, like mover’s details, insurance, estimates, contracts, etc.


Collecting Packaging Supplies – For packing your belongings you will need a lot of boxes, big and small, packaging tapes, scissors, box-cutters, filling material, wrapping sheets and bubble-wrappers, etc. Start collecting them well in advance. You can buy them or even borrow them.


Address Changes – You will need to change your address at various places like your bank, any other financial organization, life insurance provider, other insurance providers like vehicle insurance or pet insurance, etc. Notify them to change your address to the new one in their records.


Contacts – Make your friends, relatives and other acquaintances aware of your moving and give them the new address, through phone, email or, if required, meeting personally.


List of Belongings – Make a list of all the belongings and take photographs of valuable items. Keep the list in a safe place to find it easily, preferably in a file.


Non-essential Goods’ Packing – You can start packing the goods which you don’t require daily, like decorative items, extra clothes and kitchenware, some furniture which you don’t need daily, like a swing, extra chairs and tables, etc. Once you start packing them, you become free of stress of the big task.


Repairs of Old Home – If you have committed any repair of your old house to the new buyer or your landlord, in case of a rental home, start doing it.


Dismantling of Appliances – If some dismantling of your electric and electronic appliances is to be done by the service providers, contact them and make them aware of your moving and give a suitable date to perform the task.


Car Servicing – If you will be moving by a car, get the car serviced.


Buying Some Stuff to Use Immediately on Reaching New Place – You will need some things to use when you reach your new home, before unpacking your luggage. These include some folding chairs and tables to sit and eat, and even one or two air mattresses, in case you don’t get your beds unpacked. Start buying these things.


Library, Laundry, etc – You may have given clothes for washing, dry-cleaning, etc in a laundry. Collect them. Similarly, you may have got books, video cassettes, CDs, etc. from your library, which you will have to return. Remember such types of tasks and complete them.


Selling or Discarding Unwanted Stuff – There is a lot of clutter in our homes or some things which we just don’t need, but others may find it useful. Start selling, discarding or giving these things away.


Formalities Regarding Schools and Offices – Complete the formalities regarding your kids’ schools and your and your spouse’s offices.


Visit your Doctor – Do a checkup of all family members to ensure about keeping healthy in the travel.


Take your Pet to Vet – Ensure about your pet’s health, by visiting the vet before moving, so that there should not be any health issue of your four-legged family member.


Cleaning Refrigerators, Washing Machines, etc. – Clean your appliances like refrigerators, washing machine, etc. and completely wipe them before packing. Keep all the hardware, like wires, plugs, extension cords, etc in a box and label it, so that you can find them easily to connect the appliances at the new place.


Completing the Packing and Labeling the Boxes – Finish all the packing and don’t forget to label the boxes. The labels should be big to accommodate the names of all the contents of the boxes and on the upper side where you have kept lighter things, if there are many things in one single box.


Handling New Address to New Owners – Handle your new address in writing to the new occupants of your old home, so that they can forward your mail to your new home.


These are some essential tasks to do before you move. You know them, but you don’t remember them in the hassle of moving. So, better make a list and go on finishing one by one. This will organize you a lot and reduce much of your headache.