If you are relocating then you definitely need long distance movers, no matter whether you are moving short or long distance. Any distance that is more than 100 miles is considered as long distance, majority of the relocations in which people look for help from long distance movers come under long distance category. People who move from state to state also come under long distance moves even if they are not considering the real distance.

Long distance movers usually provide both short and long distance services. Charges on both services would definitely vary depending on the weight of materials to be transported and the distance involved. Apart from that, few long distance movers may charge you in a different way, depending on whether the movement takes place interstate or within the state. In such situations, charges may be different even with the same quantity of goods and same distance. Since every state has its own laws and custom for trucks, when they are neighboring states, the long distance movers may charge you more if they have to cross borders.

While selecting long distance movers there is another thing that you want to consider and that is packaging charges, this will vary with each company. Some movers perform the job of packing for affordable prices if they are provided with moving job too, but they may charge you more if you only hire them for packing. Some movers may charge less price for packing if the distance to be moved is long and if the distance is not much then they would charge you more. Some movers always charge the same price for packing and they are not linked with any other issues.

Another factor that influences the charges of long distance movers is the locality and the kind of residences from the starting point and the ultimate destination. Sometimes the entry to the apartment may be very small for the truck and it is not easy to unload it in such a situation. This would increase the charges as the long distance movers may have to move the luggage manually up to certain distance.