I’ve been there several times and I have to admit that the road from one home to another can and will be rocky. Learn more about how to avoid these 3 common moving mistakes.

1- If you think you can DIY or wing it, you’re in a big trouble! Even if you move a couple of blocks away, it can be very complicated and requires extensive advance planning. You need to think about fuel costs, damaging household goods and wearing and tearing on your own body. At the end of the day, you’ll realize that DIY move is not as fun and cheap as you thought. So, do your research to get the full picture before you make a decision to do it yourself.

2- Most people forget that there’s a moving “rush hour” certain times of year when many people are relocating. The most reputable movers are fully booked in advance during the late spring, summer and early autumn months, because half of all moving takes place then. Therefore, I suggest planning ahead if you don’t want your only option to be the most expensive or the least experienced mover. Approximately 3 or 4 months before your scheduled move-in day, you should consider several moving companies, see the packages they offer in order to find the best deal for yourself.

3- Don’t forget to get an estimate. Although nobody buys a house or a vehicle without knowing the cost, somehow we forget to ask about moving estimates. Most companies offer binding and nonbinding estimates. A binding estimate is actually a legal document which describes the charges that cannot be changed, unless a client requests add-on services. On the other hand, the nonbinding estimates give you approximate idea of how much your move would cost, based on how far you are moving, the size of your current house with its contents etc. With nonbinding kind you can be charged only 10% more than the estimate. Make sure you’re aware of possible hidden fees in order to avoid unpleasant surprises.