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You’re moving to a new place and are feeling as if you’ve forgotten an important task. This is quite possible as there are high chances that you’ve not given much importance to notify your important contacts while doing other important tasks like getting rid of unwanted items in the house, collecting boxes of appropriate size, packing, and negotiating with and then instructing the mover. Let’s now see who you should notify about your move so that your move and the stay in the new place are comfortable and smooth.


You’ve hired the best moving service like King Pro Movers. Now you should let your important contacts know about your move first and foremost of which is your employer. Inform your employer about your approaching move at least a month in advance. They may need your new address for correspondence.

Utility Companies

You should let your utility companies know about your move at least a couple of weeks before the move. This will save you from service lapses and past-due bills. Inform them about your moving day so they will disconnect and then reconnect the services at your new house. This way you avoid the hassle of experiencing power-cut and other types of inconvenience when you arrive at your new home.

Important utilities you should inform about your move include:

  • Electric
  • Gas
  • Water
  • Phone service
  • Internet
  • Cable
  • Waste collection

Post Office

You don’t want any problems with your mail. Hence make sure you inform the United States Post Office about your new address. You can visit your nearby post office or can do the task online by filling out a ‘change of address form’.


Your address at your bank should be the most up-to-date since several banks still communicate through post to impart important information about your account. You can update your address quickly through online banking. If it’s not possible, visit the bank personally or call their customer service.


If you know your neighbors very well as you’ve been living in your current place for quite some time, don’t forget to invite them for a small get-together before moving. Inform them that you’re moving. Share your new address with them so they can watch over any items that arrive after you move and send them to your new address.

Family and Friends

As you move to the new place, your world is going to change. This is great news which you should share with your family and friends to make them as excited as you are. There are high chances that you’ll get help of various kinds from them.

By letting these important contacts know about your move, you can undergo the process of moving without any hassle. So, have you started calling or visiting your contacts?