moving tipsMoving is an exciting and at the same time daunting undertaking. Sometimes you just cannot recollect what is to be done and how to be organized. The following list of the top 7 tips for moving organization from a leading Lexington moving and storage company will be helpful to you to get things organized in a better way and be all ready to move to your new home.

1. Make a Checklist

You can jot down all the things you have to do and prepare a to-do list on your own or use a readymade list.

2. Get Rid of Clutter

Don’t carry broken or old items with you while moving. If you only take things you love with you, you will love everything in your new home. Throw unwanted things away, hold a garage sale or give away things you don’t want.

3. Lose Things which were Never in Use

If you haven’t used an item for a year, dispose of that item. It’s pretty logical that if you haven’t used some items in your old home, you most probably won’t require them even in your new home. Lose items that you really don’t want or need.

4. Start Collecting Moving Supplies

Start collecting boxes, tape, markers and wrapping paper. Never use unclean boxes or printed paper for wrapping unless you have no problem in spending plenty of time in cleaning things after you move.

5. Priority-wise Labeling – As Simple as 123 or ABC

You may be overwhelmed with all the big and small boxes that will need to be emptied out after you move. There is one way to ensure is to label your boxes according to the priority of unpacking. Items with the labels of “A” or “1” would be must haves and need to be taken out right away. Those labeled “B” or “2” aren’t that important and those having “C” or “3” might be holiday items or seasonal outfits or objects that can wait to be unloaded till when you require them.

6. Consider the Limits on Size and Weight While Packing

You can protect your back by ensuring that you don’t pack boxes beyond the weight limit. The boxes must have a easy weight for you to lift. Also big boxes are tougher to deal with than smaller boxes. Ensure that you only use boxes that you or your help can easily manage.

7. Pack Room-by-room

You will understand that packing room-by-room makes things extremely easier. When you start understanding you have finished an entire room you will feel as if you achieved a huge chunk of the task of packing. Moreover, this helps you plan about where various objects can be placed in the new home.

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