cleaning carpet before movingThere are many aspects to carpet cleaning. Especially before and after moving you may want to get your carpet cleaned so that you can ensure freshness in your new home. Some people in London don’t deep clean their carpets and only give them the once over with a vacuum cleaner once in a while. Others see to it that their beautiful carpets get the special treatment by hiring a professional carpet cleaning company to do what they do best.Whatever you prefer, that’s fine – the important thing is that your carpet’s getting cleaned. But there’s one type of scenario that spurs everyone into action, and it’s happened to everyone at some point; carpet stains. Dropping some food or drink or other substances on your carpet  before moving to another place in London may seem like a disaster at first, but there’s no need to get into a tizzy. There’s plenty that can be done, it’s just a case of knowing what – firstly minimising any damage, then sorting out the stain. Keep these top carpet cleaning tips in mind and you’ll have that stain removed in no time.

Pet stains

When carpet cleaning for pet stains, getting rid of the odour will be just as important as getting rid of the actual stain. If it’s urine you’re sorting out, soak the area by blotting dry, and then rinse thoroughly with water. But if it’s a stain that’s already set, consider purchasing carpet cleaners from your local store in London.

Food and drink stains

This is perhaps the most common reason as to why people feel the need to carpet clean before packing the carpet for moving – they notice a food or drink stain or mark and fear their carpet’s going to ruined for good. But that doesn’t have to be the case – in most cases, food and drink stains can be removed, just by using proper carpet cleaning methods.

You don’t need to get any industrial-type cleaners, just a sponge, some vinegar and water will suffice. After blotting the stain, pour vinegar directly onto it, leave for ten minutes or so, then blot off. Alternatively, make a paste with water and baking soda, apply the cleaning solution – don’t rub! – onto the affected area of carpet, then remove the paste and blot away any remnants of the baking soda.

Removing ink

You or your junior drop ink on your carpet just when you are about to move. This may seem like a disaster, a situation that can’t be rectified. But there are things you can do, one of which is dabbing at the stain with a soft towel that’s been immersed in a warm water-washing up liquid solution. Continue this process until the stain’s vanished – it’s a foolproof way of cleaning carpets and eradicating ink stains.

Blot, never rub!

The importance of this can’t be emphasised enough. It’s imperative, that when cleaning stains – any type of carpet stain – that you never rub the stain, just blot. Rub a stain and the only thing you’ll be doing is making matters worse, at which point you may have to hire professional carpet cleaning services in London to get the situation rectified.

Don’t do anything, just call for some carpet cleaning help!

If you’re really worried about things not working out and you making matters worse in addition to your moving stress, hiring professional cleaning services is always an option. Of course, it’ll cost, but it’ll surely be worth it if it means getting that stain removed. Removing stains is easy if you know who to turn to in London.