upholstery cleanerI love the touch of an adventure moving to a new home brings into my life, but still I hate some things related to it. Although I’m able to tackle some furniture upholstery stains myself, I usually call in a professional. If you have some lovely furniture that will surely be in desperate need of cleaning, especially after moving to your new home, I would like to share some tips on hiring an upholstery cleaner.

So, first of all: inspect your furniture. If you notice a small spot, for example an ink stain or a drink spill, you might try to clean it yourself. But, pet odors and similar stubborn stains won’t go away with your DIY cleaning methods, not to mention that you could only make them worse. In that case, hire a professional upholstery cleaning company such as http://carpetcleanerinflorida.com/upholstery-cleaning-in-stuart-fl-f-a-q-s/.

Is your furniture still under warranty? If the answer is positive, it’s important to read over the paperwork prior any cleaning attempts. Discuss the warranty with your professional upholstery cleaners, because some extra steps will have to be taken in order to maintain the warranty. Still uncertain about your warranty requirements? Call the company which holds the warranty to be on the safe side.

But, how should you choose the upholstery cleaning company? Chances are, you’ll be in a completely new area, unless you’re movingĀ  a few blocks away. If you can’t rely on “word of mouth”, check their reputation online. Find a trusted website, read honest reviews and see whether their previous clients are satisfied or not. In addition, look for companies that are certified by local or global institutes. Ask them about the price and the equipment they’ll use. I’m not suggesting opting for the cheapest deals, but you should steer clear of the most expensive services, too.