moving with kidsRegardless of the reason for moving, the process is stressful for everyone. Even if it’s a positive change, such as a better job or bigger house, moving is always stressful. However, it seems that kids take it even worse than adults. For school age children, moving means new friends, new social circles, which can make them quite anxious. Luckily, there’s a way to solve these problems and the key is in parents’ hands! It’s of high importance to understand what as a parent you can do to help your little ones cope with the stress and readjust to new environment. We will try to help you with that.

When it comes to dealing with people, there is no one-size-fits-all advice. So, the key is to know your own child. For example, some kids are so outgoing, they would be thrilled to make a going away party. But, for most children, that’s not the case and throwing a party might present more pressure and stress. It is very important to get your kids involved in moving process – to give them something to do. But, be careful with that one- the tasks should be age-appropriate and they have to flatter your child’s temperament.

Being in tune with your child’s needs will certainly ease the stress. So, use this time to bond with your beloved kids, communicate with them and pay attention to every little detail connected with planning their social and educational well-being. We know that moving is stressful for you, too, but you have to put your children first in order to help them adjust to changes. Let your kids pack a bag of favorite stuff they could keep wherever they go with themselves. This will give them a sense of comfort, that special “feel like home” vibration.

Always focus on positive things! Go and visit your future neighborhood together and spend lovely time at a lake nearby, make your kids enjoy their new surrounding. However, if you are moving significantly farther, try to find as many things as possible about the things nearby your future home – what new is there for your whole family, what entertaining can be done? Thanks to the modern technology, you are just a few clicks away from the information that will make a moving process way easier!