colorado movers tippingPeople who have already moved (a lot) know how important it is to find the reputable professional movers. After all, you entrust all of your possessions to people you don’t even know before they start taking your boxes and loading them into a truck. Moving companies are considered part of the service trade, so should you offer them a tip? I’ve asked guys from Colorado Hi-Tec Moving & Storage what would keep movers happy after the job is done. Here’s what I’ve found out!

The same as with other service providers, clients should base their tip on the way the job is performed. Nobody should get tip if they show indifferent work habits or/and a bad attitude. On the other hand, if you find your movers to be professional, helpful and attentive, they should get what you personally believe is fair. In general, moving companies don’t expect a tip, but if a client gives it, it’s appreciated. Let’s face it, a tip means someone recognizes your effort and performance.

Residential moving is rather a stressful event, due to a million of details that require attention. Make sure you appreciate someone who’s doing this back-breaking, hard work. Yes, you’ve paid them, but giving them cold bottled water, sports or soda drinks is recommended, too. Also, some clients prefer buying the moving crew a meal instead of a (money) tip and that’s alright as well. If, for example, you decide to do this, make sure to ask if movers prefer/don’t like some food(s).

How much to tip? Should you go for the percentages like you would do in a bar or a restaurant? Probably not. The thing is, the price of a move is usually the matter of the distance the moving vehicle is traveling, not how much time it takes to load the truck/van. From $10 to $40 per person is considered appropriate and the amount depends on the difficulty and the time spent on loading the vehicle.

It’s better not to give the tips to the driver or foreman, but each worker their own tip – it will show a client recognize and appreciate everyone’s individual efforts. In addition, you’ll be sure nobody would keep the entire amount for themselves.

Beer or not beer? It’s better to avoid giving the guys any alcohol after the job is done. Most (reputable) moving companies have strict rules against alcohol consumption on the job and that can open liability issues, too. If you’re not sure what you should do, opt for the tip cash – the movers could spend that money how they wish.