Safeway_Moving___StorageMoving can be very stressful. However, there are things you can do to make the moving process smoother and less strenuous.. Of course, the moving company you hire also makes a lot of difference in making your move comfortable, e.g. Safeway Moving & Storage Company. Established in 1995, the owners of Safeway Moving & Storage saw a need for professional moving services in Lexington, KY. Safeway partnered with Mayflower Transit, the most recognized name in the industry, to bring the best service available to their customers. Safeway Moving & Storage, Inc. is a company comprised of the most dedicated, organized, professional and friendly moving specialists in the industry. But you on your own too can try to make your move smooth. Here are some tips.

First Calm Down

Some people are so worried and stressed with the thought of moving that they complete the packing before time with a thought of sorting things afterwards. This is a big mistake. Do you know that most of the moving companies charge by pound? The more load you carry, the more you will have to pay. So, rather than carrying everything with you, sort out things before packing them and decide which ones you need the most. You can discard the rest. You will be surprised to see the money saved. Plus you will earn money by selling your stuff!

Discarding Things

It’s not the case all the time, that you will earn money while discarding your unwanted belongings. You can also donate some stuff, and even gift. For selling things, you can access the thrift markets in your area. For selling books, you can call in bookshop owners who sell used books for trading your titles. Same thing you can do for records too.

Discard Clothes Carefully

While discarding clothes, be careful to keep some of them back to help you in packing. They can save you a lot on bubble pads and other packing materials. Especially while packing delicate glass, porcelain and ceramic items, used clothes, socks, etc are excellent packing materials. However don’t use clothes to pack things like ornate showpieces etc as the threads can get tangled in their ornamentation and may break or bend the item.

Some Special Items to Consider First for Packing

  • Garage Items: Garages are filled with oddly shaped and often heavy and sharp items that need special care while packing perfectly. Firstly the items that cannot be shipped should be safely disposed, e.g. oils, gas, pesticides etc. Pack items of similar size and shape together.
  • Tools: Garden tools with long handles, mops, brooms, etc should be tied together. If there are any attachments, they should be removed and be packed separately.
  • Outdoor Accessories: Outdoor things like TV antenna, swing sets, garden sheds etc should be dismantled and packed carefully. You can pack small hardware in a coffee can or plastic bag.
  • Planters: Planters are usually fragile; so, pack them like any fragile stuff. Wrap them individually with plenty of cushioning. If you have any huge or unusual type of planter, discuss with your moving company about how to move it.