tipsformovingoutWhile you move to a new place, you feel all the anxiety about safety of yourself and your family and also of your valuable belongings, whether they will reach in a good state or not and once you reach your new home, you heave a sigh of relief. But what to do immediately after moving, when your luggage has not yet arrived? Your new home is very beautiful, spacious, cozy, airy, etc. etc. but where will you sit? Where and what will eat? And where will you sleep? Your new home is all empty! Here are some things to carry with you, while leaving your old place, so that immediately after reaching the new place, you can relax.

Make a bag of essentials to carry along with you

While you hand over all your bags and baggage to your mover, make a bag to carry along with you in your car, which should contain all the very essential things. These essential things are dishes, spoons and glasses, one for each member of the family, a pot, a pan and some eatable which you can prepare instantly. Instead of the instant eatable, you can also take with you ready-to-eat eatables, and in that case you don’t need the pot, pan, etc.

Folding tables, chairs and stools

While your sofa set and dining table set have not reached, you can use folding chairs, stools and tables to sit and have food. These become quite adjustable in the car’s dicky after folding.

Air mattresses

These are really useful things when your beds are not arrived yet. They come with an air pump and take some minutes to get inflated. They are quite cozy too and if you keep a pair of them on each other, they give real comfort. After folding, they too become adjustable in the dicky or the rear side of the backseat of your car.

Freshen up

Immediately after reaching the new home, everyone of your family is tired and needs to become fresh. Make two small bags, one of which will carry a soap cake, some napkins, shaving kit, combs, hairbrushes, face wash, etc. and the other will carry some comfy clothes for each one to change immediately after reaching.

All of these things will help changing everyone’s mood, which may arise on seeing an empty home with nothing to sit or relax. And you can carry all these things along with you to use in case of emergency. Even though, your luggage has reached in time, before or along with you, you may not get anything of it to relax or unwind, till you unwrap the packages. In such a case, all the above things will be of real help.