new homeMoving in a new house may be exciting as it is going to make us settle in an altogether new place, but it is an enormous financial challenge too, particularly if you are moving in your first home. Calculating the cost of the moving company, the estate agents, the loan and the actual purchase value of the home, it is normal to see all your savings getting vanished overnight. Moving in a second house is comparatively easy because you can set up after transferring your furniture to the new house fast. However, moving to a first home means you are probably under-equipped to turn a house into a home and you have a lot of purchases to do. And here you realize the importance of saving money to decorate your new house.

The Mere Essentials

Apart from the ornaments, the mere essentials for a new home can cost a pretty remarkable amount. E.g. for your kitchen, you will require appliances which can cost you up to more than $1,000 each. In addition, you will need to have a full set of crockery, cutlery and utensils – very essential for your life, because without them you cannot cook and eat food. Similarly for your bedroom, a bed and wardrobe are just basics. But you will also require mattresses, rugs and linens. Moreover the bedroom should be comfortable to give you the required rest. So, you will need some additional items too like curtains, night lamp, air-conditioner or heater. The living room is where you will welcome your guests and you too will spend your leisure hours there; so, it should also be comfortable and welcoming. But the cost of mere a sofa may caste a big hole in your wallet. Thus the mere essentials for a new home can cost you more than $10,000 before you start decoration.

living room


To make your new home reflect your personality and make you settle in your new life in a true sense, decorating the house is very necessary. The first and important step among the various decoration measures is painting or wallpapering. However, decoration can be costly. But if you decorate it yourself, it can save you a significant amount. Moreover it will create a special attachment between you and your new home.

painting on your own

Buying Used

Buying used items is another good solution to keep costs of decoration down. You can get some magnificent deals on furniture in charity shops. After a home move the budget is bound to be tight and in that case you will greatly appreciate every single buck you save.

Saving Before and After Decoration

Buying a new home is not just that. You should also consider saving money for its decoration and so, you will need to save money for that purpose beforehand. Look for various ways of saving money, like buying second-hand furniture or buying from charity stores. This will be helpful for your money to grow and will let you gather goods slowly, but at affordable prices. Don’t forget that going broke would be the last thing you want because you spent too much on decoration.