clenaing carpet before movingIf you are moving to a new home or office, you might be busy in packing the furniture and other belongings safely and transporting them to the new place. But you might forget something which is very essential and it is your carpet! You might say “What of that? I have nicely packed it and am going to spread it in the new place. But just think for a while and you’ll realize that before you unpack all the other belongings, it would be advisable to get your carpet thoroughly cleaned. Before it gets other things loaded on or around it, it can be cleaned more systematically without any hindrance. Experts at share tips about cleaning carpets thoroughly after a move.

Call in Professionals ahead of Time

Professional carpet cleaners clean carpet deep below the surface offering you a refreshing start in your new office or home. Here are some tips to get your job done correctly with just the right cleaning service:

  • Schedule your professional carpet cleaning well in advance before you move in your new place. This will allow the carpets to dry completely. Ask the carpet cleaning service how long it would take to dry the carpet completely and call them in accordingly. .
  • Check whether the carpet cleaning service you are planning to call in has experience to clean several types of carpets.

Do it On Your Own

If you plan to clean the carpets yourself, then too you should do it before unpacking all your other belongings. Here are some tips by experts:

  • Give short, firm strokes on the carpet which will loosen the fibers and release dirt.
  • Vacuum the carpets, with more emphasis on high traffic parts, e.g. hallways, near doorways, etc
  • Baking soda is a wonderful product to remove any lingering odors. Sprinkle it on the carpet and allow to sit for an hour. Vacuum up the soda; work in quadrants to ensure that every bit is pulled out.
  • A mixture of water and white vinegar in equal amounts can work wonders on stains. Spray it on the stains and scrub in a circular fashion with brush until the stain vanishes.

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