nashville home paintingWhile considering painting work for your own home yourself, it all may seem easy to you as is shown usually in home-makeover-in-a-day shows – just take hold of a brush and a roller, and a couple of gallons of latex, and you are done! But the fact is far from reality! Ask any painting pro from a Seattle, Boston or Nashville painting company and he will tell you that it takes years to do a perfect job and that there is no alternative to learn proper steps, give time to get the job right and improve your techniques as you go. However, there are a few tricks that you can learn as a homeowner to ease the job. Here are some of them collected from painting pros working in the field for years.

The Bigger Swatch, the Better

9781588167392_int_150-173.qxpCan you expect yourself to get an exact idea of how your room will look in a color you have got a sample in form of a thumbnail swatch? It might have happened to you a lot of times that you loved the color on the sample and when you got the room painted in it, it looked totally different than your imagination. Actually the appearance of colors is relative to each other as well as to other objects in the room. A good idea is to make your own big swatch by giving two coats of the paint on a foam core slab at least 3 sq. feet and keep it against wall and observe it for a day under different light conditions, from different angles. This will give you a better idea about how the color will look on your wall.

Number of Cans

DP_UPLOADPrior to setting out towards the paint store, don’t forget to measure the surface you want to cover and don’t forget to measure the ceiling. Take measurement of the longest wall and square it to get the ceiling measurement, while for the walls, measure the length and height of the longest wall and multiply them and multiply the number again by four. Double all the numbers if you are going to give two coats.

Choose High Quality Stuff

high qualityChoose a paint of high quality. If you go for a cheaper alternative, initially you will get very good looks for your room when the paint is wet. But not after it is dried. If you want long-lasting impressive looks, there is no alternative to high quality paint.

Preventing Dust

covering furniture with plasticPainting job creates a lot of dust, because of the scraping and sanding. To prevent this dust, you can cover all the furniture and other items in the room by plastic. Choose heavy-gauge sheets instead of the flimsy ones – they are reusable, easy to fold and unfold and less prone to rip. You can secure them with painter’s tape.

If you do the painting job in such a painstaking way why won’t it be perfect? But it asks for those pains and care, and it’s not a magic. Learn the techniques, implement them in the work and your home will look as per your desire!