what to do after reaching your new homeOnce you and your luggage reach your new home, you are eager to take a sigh of relief and enjoy your new home. But, wait! You have still some essential things to do and after that, you’ll get plenty of time to celebrate. Here are some tips with which you can become stress-free at the earliest.

1. Check Delivered Boxes


After all the boxes reach your new home, check each of them against the household inventory you prepared or received during your move preparations and check if a box or any item is missing. If it is, at once notify the movers and check immediately if it has been left in the moving truck.

After the moving crew leaves, examine each of your containers for signs of damage or mistreatment. If you notice any damage, note it down in your inventory and get in touch with the moving company to resolve the issue with mutual understanding. If you have taken care of choosing a reliable and high-quality mover, the issue will be resolved fast in your favor. But if the company doesn’t cooperate, you can use your consumer rights and sue the movers.


2. Activate Your Utilities


A cross country move is a big venture and after you reach your new place, the first thing you would want is to become comfortable in your new home. For this, you should have got the connections of utilities working before the move. If you haven’t done that for some reason, do that at once. Obviously, the first utility companies you should call are water and power providers, as these things will immediately bring comfort and smoothness in your new life.

Once the basic utilities are taken care of, pay attention to others like phone, the internet etc.


3. Unbox Essentials


The most important rooms you will need right after reaching your new home are bedroom and bathroom. The process of moving is quite likely to drain out your energy so, the first thing you will need is to lay your tired body at the end of the stressful day of moving. So, set (or assemble if required) your bed, unbox your bedding and prepare a nice bed for the night. Another essential would be a refreshing shower. So, unpack toiletries like soap, shampoo, face washes, towels, and even toothpaste and toothbrushes and get refreshed.


4. Organization


You will have to perform certain tasks during the first days or even weeks after your move. So, make a list of these tasks. This will prevent you from forgetting anything and you can organize yourself with when to do what. Some of these tasks may be securing your home with necessary security devices, locating main water valve and fuse box, inspection of the home to see if there is any damage, organizing the kitchen and so on.

Remembering and implementing these tips will give you the real satisfaction of a successful move and you can enjoy your new home in a true sense.