FantasticmoversModern times are full of migrations and it’s hard even to imagine living at one place, in one house for the whole life time. There are countless reasons why we live lives of nomads, even though we are not always so crazy about settling on a new ground. I’ve moved 4 times in last 10 years and my experience is overloaded with failures, but there is also the occasional success. I will share a few things I’ve learned to help you avoid doing the same mistakes I did.

Choose movers carefully. When I moved from Belgrade to Munich, I’ve hired movers who cost too much and took three weeks to transport my stuff. Not to mention that they were totally impossibly to get ahold of. But, when I moved from Munich to Amsterdam, I used the shipping service that dropped off a truck at my house. I’ve hired movers only to do the heavy lifting. My precious stuff was with me in a week. All in all, I’ve saved a ton of money this way. If parking in front of your place is difficult to come by, hire movers to transport the stuff from your house to the warehouse of the shipping company. This is exactly what I did when I moved back from Amsterdam to Belgrade. If you hire a reliable shipping service, you will be able to track your stuff even online. It’s good to know that your home is safe and sound. However, since I am a woman living on my own and I don’t like to bother my friends and family to help me do the heavy lifting, I always left this job to professionals. It works perfectly for me.

Be careful when packing. There are bumps in the road everywhere and the greater the distance, the harder it is to avoid some damage. Well, it’s almost impossible. Moving companies do provide packaging materials and blankets, but for too high prices. For that reason, it’s better to do the packing on your own, the best you can. Check out sellers offering odd shaped boxes and other supplies, also second-hand moving supplies are worth considering.

People tend to get rid of almost everything before moving to a distant place or, on the other hand, they keep everything and spend a fortune shipping the stuff. It’s recommended to weigh the monetary and sentimental value of each piece of furniture against the effort and the price of shipping it. When I moved from Belgrade to Munich, I got rid of everything and I realized some pieces were worth keeping. But, when I moved to Amsterdam, I brought way too many items that were cheaper to buy again than to ship.

I highly recommend driving your own vehicle, if it’s possible. Shipping cars may turn to a nightmare, since you usually need to reserve a spot for your car several months in advance and you are never quite sure when it will be transported. If, however, you need to ship, choose a company offering the best service with no deposit required.

The last, but not the least tip, prepare yourself emotionally. Moving can be stressful and it is a huge life change, so it will take some time to feel alright in a new environment. Good luck!