interstate removalWhen you are going in for overseas removals to Australia, it is important for you to prepare a checklist that will help you get the relocation done smoothly and without hassles. When coming to Australia, there are specific things you should keep in mind. With professional aid from skilled removalists, you can ship your goods safely to Australia in an organised and hassle-free manner. Let us take a look at some of the things you should do when planning to come to Australia.


Having a checklist is very crucial. This will eradicate tensions and ensure your goods and belongings reach the spot without issues. When you are preparing your checklist, you must ensure that you keep the following facts in mind:

  • Personal and items of sentimental value have a lot of significance. Bring them along.
  • While shipping goods to Australia, only ship those goods that are expensive to buy like furniture. The country is costly. There are online websites like eBay and Gumtree that will help you to get goods second-hand.
  • While transporting electronic goods and appliances, check if they are compliant with Australian standards. USA and Canada use 110 volts and Australia 220-224 volts.
  • Ensure that professional removalists provide you with a comprehensive packing list. When you pack items yourself, ensure that you make the list.
  • When you hire any freight forwarding company, check whether it is charging you for the packing as well as shipping or just shipping only.
  • When it comes to the import of goods to Australia, check with the local customs office. The invoices/payments sanctioned by the Australian Customs and Border Protection can be paid by several methods. For additional information, you may consult their official website.

Planning 6 weeks before the relocation

When you are relocating to Australia, it is important for you to check your checklist regularly. Remember, the checklist you make for overseas relocation to Australia is not an exhaustive one. The list should accommodate emergencies and delays. Last minute changes can happen to your plan. It is important for you to ensure that you regularly update your list and check it before D-Day.

Things to take care of

When you are moving to Australia, it is important for you to ensure –

  • Your passport is valid at least 5 years from your arrival in Australia. This will save you unnecessary hassles in future.
  • Make insurance or assurance arrangements before you leave your destination for Australia. You can cash them, pay them up or keep them for the future.
  • It is important for you to keep a bank account active in your home nation. You can arrange for someone trusted or an attorney to take care of them.
  • With regard to taxes, make proper arrangements with the taxation department in your home nation. Australia does not need tax clearance from you and so you do not have to state you are migrating.
  • If you own a home, sell it off and vacate just a week before departing to Australia.
  • Ensure you carry important original documents of yourself and kids like birth, educational, insurance, employment documents etc.
  • Prepare a budget and ensure you stick to it.

Last minute checks

When you are about to come to Australia, there are some last minute checks you should conduct-

  • Disconnect the gas, cable, telephone and electricity
  • Remove any furniture or fixtures from the wall
  • Keep aside things you do not wish to take to Australia
  • Place your passport and important documents in personal luggage so that they are not packed accidentally.

Therefore, with the above checklist tips to Australia, you effectively can move without stress or frustrations at all!

Author Bio: Bill Chen received the Bachelor Degree of Commerce majoring in Business Administration from University of Sydney. Currently, he is a business man and running his international – interstate removal company named Bill Removalists Sydney. He is also an active blogger for his own website and other sites in the industry.