So, you are about to move and you are excited as well as worried at the same time! You are excited because you will be relocating to a new place and worried about your precious possessions. With the news of moving scams coming everyday in the newspapers, you are quite shaky about which moving company to hire. But don’t worry. There are ways that will let you verify the authenticity of the mover, and checking the DOT and MC license number of the mover is a prime important step amongst them.

After you invite quotes from different moving companies and their representative comes to your home to check the luggage, you should collect as much information from him as you can about the company. And this information should necessarily contain the DOT, i.e. Department of Transportation number. When you get this number, you can check the reliability of the moving company easily.

You must have seen that there are a lot of moving companies out there which advertise their license number on their websites. They claim to be authentically licensed and fully insured. So, it is very necessary to check whether they are really reliable.

License Number

Moving companies operating in the US must be licensed with the US Department of Transportation. To get a license of the department, there are various requirements, according to the state of operation. All the companies which are licensed are provided a unique license number called DOT number. It is to be renewed every year, so you can check the validity of the number easily. If the mover doesn’t abide by the law or undergoes frequent accidents, the license is canceled.

Know more about the DOT number here.

Verification of DOT Number

The verification of DOT number with the database of US Department of Transportation is free, fast and easy. During the verification process, you can also get other valuable information about the mover, like inspection results of the mover for the last 2 years, safety rating, and so on.

Verify the DOT number here.

 Further Verification

FMCSA allows further verification of the moving company by its name, DOT or MC number. With this check, you can get further information about the company, like its fleet size, company type, number of trailers and trucks and insurance information. With this, you can contact their insurance provider, if required.

To do this check, click here.

Get Reviews

After checking thoroughly about the moving company, you can further go for checking its authenticity by going through actual customers’ reviews about the company. This is important because, though the company is authentic, it is not needed that their service is faultless. To evaluate this, you can take help about other clients of the company, which is of a lot of help. is a very good site to get moving company reviews, as well as other helpful information about moving.

Take proper care like this, before hiring a moving company and you will get rid of the worry you are going through about your relocation.