Insurance Handling

Ideally, you should be able to move all of your belongings directly from point A to point B when relocating. Unfortunately, that isn’t always possible. In some cases, it’s necessary to temporarily store all of your household belongings until your new home is ready. The logical thing to do is to rent a storage unit, but standard storage lockers are rarely large enough to accommodate everything from a single household. Instead of paying double by renting two units, you should consider commercial storage. It’s more affordable and a reliable way to safely store your household belongings during a move.

Pack Your Belongings Properly

You should always plan for the worst-case scenario when packing your household belongings. If you’re tackling this task yourself, it’s completely up to you to ensure that things are packed properly. Don’t assume that everything will be handled gingerly. As you pack everything, keep issues and problems in mind at all times. If you’re not careful, you could inadvertently increase the odds of your household belongings being damaged or destroyed.

Scout Out the Right Facility

With a commercial storage unit, you’ll get all the space you need. In turn, you’ll have an easier time packing your belongings in a safe, logical and organized way. However, you should still do plenty of research to ensure that you choose the right storage facility. Tour the facility to make sure that it is designed with the safety of your belongings in mind. Ask about the regulations that are in place to keep customers’ belongings safe. Don’t just assume that the facility is the right place to store your things.

Get Insurance

Even if you are extremely careful about packing your belongings and choose a reputable, high-quality storage facility, issues can still arise. If one or more of your belongings is damaged or destroyed, will you be able to replace it easily? Instead of leaving that to chance, you should get insurance. You may be able to use a homeowner’s insurance policy, or liability insurance may be the way to go. In either case, knowing that you have this type of safeguard in place will be very reassuring. In the unlikely event that something is lost or damaged, you can file a claim and receive financial assistance to replace it. During a stressful move, the right coverage goes a long way toward eliminating the “should nots.”

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