cheap courier servicesCourier service is a fantastic invention whoever has got the idea. While moving to another place, you need to transport your goods for which you hire a moving service. But you are concerned about the safety of your delicate and important items, which need special care while handling. In such a case, a courier service is a great alternative to transport such delicate items. By handling the job to these services you can rest assured that the precious items will reach your new place safe and sound. However there are various types of courier services from which you will need to choose according to your needs.

Personal Courier

This is usually used for short distances, mostly within cities. They may contain a variety of items to be delivered, from delicate and/or ultra-sensitive items to standard materials. Usually large companies use this service to ensure that the goods reach the correct address. Normally a motorbike is used for this courier service.

On-board Courier

This service is used when the items to be sent are of extreme importance, e.g. medical cargo like organs to be transplanted, sensitive legal or business information, etc. It is quite expensive than regular delivery services. The transportation used is obviously a plane.

Same-day Courier

This type of service is used when the items to be sent are of delicate nature and/or are to be sent urgently, within a reasonable distance. It may, but not necessarily, carry over the job to a personal courier service. This type of service comes at an additional cost.

Overnight Courier

This type of service is offered by many providers and is a midway between cheap and high prices. Typically a network of courier services takes care of your goods and conditions apply like a cut-off time to put goods in.

Standard Courier

This is the commonest and most basic type of courier service. Though faster than a postal service, it is not as fast as other types of courier services. Their price too is lower than other types. Its benefit is we are ensured that our package has reached the correct address, because of the signed receipt.

Back Loads and Part Loads Courier

This type of service is preferred by businesses that have to rely mostly on frequent delivery of goods through courier services. In this type, goods are delivered when the courier person visits that area anyway, e.g. to deliver someone else’s parcel in the same area. Thus the items to be sent just wait for the person’s arrival.

If you are aware of all these types of courier services, you can choose just the type suitable to your needs. So, you neither have to waste time in finding the right one, nor waste money on a wrong one.

cheap courier services